This workshop is the compact version of "Champagne your Expat Life". It's for all women, who work and live abroad and struggle to create a new social as supportive network at their new home.

It's for women, who just arrived and also for women, who find themself after years still with a lack of meaningful connection abroad. 

Contacts help us to survive. Meaningful connection are quality of living.

Meaningful  and nurturing connections such as (new) friends, family, neighbors, worksmates, collaboration partner and above of all - the connection with yourself.

Make your appearance to a high quality experience and with your own special fragrance for every person that you want to meet in a foreign country. Create a remarkable fragrance, hauntingly beautiful memory, a thrilling pleasure so people want more.

You become successful when you be yourself and lively. There is no right and wrong´when you enjoy the moment. That's your fragrance.

Quite often we don't realise our own fragrance. Sometimes we are not aware that we put sometimes too much or too little of our fragrance, so people stay in distance. It's all about awareness, balance and a supportive feedback of a skilled trainer as i am.


My techniques and methods are faster, self-consistent, genuine, sensual and rich in variety.

Learn to feel home in your body and act organically. My technique work from the inside to the outside.

Explore yourself and experience the pre-post comparision from a overthinking mind to a flexible mind in an awaken body. 

Internal Feeling and external Impact.


FOR: women, who live and work in foreign countries

COST: 199,00 EUR

PARTICIPANTS: max. 4, women only

TIME 1 Day, 5 h

DATE: Coming soon


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