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For more than 13 years i create and lead workshops for women. I invite women to explore playfully and with joy their natural sources. 

Your soul wants to play. That's why my work is based on exercises that your body and mind will remember and get access to your natural sensuality. 

Sensuality. Living in the moment. Enjoying and celebrating  life as well yourself with all your senses. Lust for Living.

Since 2020 my work and passion is focused on the needs and growth of women, who live and work in foreign countries - female expats.

Starting all over in a foreign country and culture is an exciting adventure for the curious soul, but also a 24/7 challenge - overwhelming and draining.  You struggle with a lack of energy, concentration, presence and patience. Your body and nervous system is tensed up too often.  This has on the long run a negative effect on your authentic and feminine appearance, confidence and human relationships - such as friends, family, employer, workmate, new connections. Unfortunately not a small number of female expats have to face the feeling of loneliness, isolation and a poor mental health.

Let's stop this pain-train. Let's champagne your expat life, my dear. It's time to level up!

With my methods and creativity you will become a like a sensual perfume, that people still remember and desire even when you already have left the room hours before. Be like high quality champagne and cause a sparkling an thrilling pleasure so people want more.

You become successful when you be yourself and lively. There is no right and wrong´when you enjoy the moment.

My techniques and methods are faster, self-consistent, genuine, sensual and rich in variety.

Learn to feel home in your body and act organically. 

Explore yourself and experience the pre-post comparision from a overthinking mind to a flexible mind in an awaken body. 

Internal Feeling and external Impact.

Successful and healthy integration - next level.

More home and less hotel.

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