To change the game, we need to change the frame, the way we see things.

'Without Crisis, No Comedy' - This sentence i have learned while my time as actress during further trainings in Stand-Up Comedy. The comedian is a storyteller, who usually talks about the small and bigger crises in life. He presents the funny and absurd perspective on situations and feelings that are familiar to us. Same situation, same picture, different frame.

The challenge of  'no judgement' and the power of 'communication' always have been my daily bread as actress, dance instructor, crew member for international hardrock and metal bands, photographer & interviewer as well as federal civil servant. 

Not a small number of people are not aware how much they judge about people, situtions or even about themself.  Judgement, the seed of so many and endless conflicts in our life.

One of my leading sentences for 'no judgement' is 'the only thing that i know is that i know nothing" (by Socrates), which means 'What do you really know?'.

I have realized that many people see 'differences" as something negative, while i always have felt fascination and curiosity. I see beauty in differences. A place to learn and get inspiration. I believe to explore different cultures and ideologies, lifestyles, behaviors, believes, traditions, opinions with an open mind euducates and let intelligence bloom. It challenges the mind.

The clash of different point of views is a part of a lively communication, but does not mean you already have a conflict. When conflicts arise then believes take on rigid forms.

As young woman i struggled a lot with my shyness, introversion and addicton to harmony. Expressing my needs and feelings gave me a hard time, which made me avoiding conflicts and created unconciously more conflicts at the same time. Although i suffered on anxiety i never got tired to find resolutions. I always have chosen the playful as well creative way to learn. That's my nature.

With my variety of experiences and knowlegde i offer new perspectives and solutions in a refreshing, optimistic way. Connecting people and deepen understanding for each other are some of my essential needs.

I build bridges and my question is "How do you deal with differences? How do you deal with our deepest differences?


19 years work experience in german federal government

more than 10 years work experience in international hardrock & metal music scene (crew member, photographer, interviewer...)

more than 19 years work experience in international show business such as film/theater industry,  (actress, crew member, assistant in workshops)

trained and skilled actress in international movies and theatre

2 years work experience in international marketing & branding agency

certified dance instructor for women in lap dance/ chair dance / floor dance/ burlesque

4 years work experience as assistant for international acting workshops as well internationalb children birthday parties

certified in intercultural communicatuon and mediation

founder of

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